Characteristic of project

  • Registration of ARP value

    ARP value protocol calculates in multiple dimensions of the ARP value of smart devices, i.e. the potential value of smart devices in a sharing and digitalized environment.

  • Mini Programs of blockchain

    Utilizing the application of cloud-based technology to solve problems such as the deployment of applications and customization of scenarios, all apps can be played without downloading and installing.

  • Zero Arbitration Proof

    Zero Arbitration Proof Through the "incremental commitment" algorithm to solve the problem of on-chain verification of off-chain data, all transactions can be implemented without disputes and arbitration.



  • Shared Devices

    Provide ARP value,and get reward of tokens

  • Miner

    Match device for users and upload the verified result on blockchain.

  • Users

    Consume ARP value and pay tokens for the use

Application Scenarios

  • Advertising

    Playable advertising Decentralized Application Market

  • Gaming

    Game trials

  • E-commerce

    Account trading of mobile games

  • Cloud Services

    Alpha tests for applications Distributed video transcoding

The roadmap

  • 2017.8

    Completed feasibility study
    on ARP technology and began
    research and development

  • 2017.12

    Utilized smart containerization
    technology to run large-scale
    commercial App game

  • 2018.Q1

    Finalized the details
    of blockchain-based
    technological solutions and
    the whitepaper

  • 2018.Q2

    2018 Q2 Designing server
    control and transport protocol
    Developing audio and video codec
    Developing App containers

  • 2018.Q3

    Designing Zero Arbitration Proof
    Completing the development
    of Sharing-end App Beta
    Completing the development of
    User-end SDK Beta
    Releasing ARP value protocol Beta

  • 2018.Q4

    Designing protocol for cloud
    computing scenario
    Developing auxiliary tools for developers
    Releasing ARP value protocol 1.0
    Launching the first project on the ground

  • 2019.Q1

    Completing the development
    of VDI Beta
    Completing the development
    of H5 Solution Beta
    Releasing ARP value protocol 2.0
    Launching the second project on the ground



  • Yao Shun

    Yao Shun CEO

    Former Senior PM of Thunder,Operation Expert,Loopring Community Curator,Early Blockchain Invester

  • Li Mingliang

    Li Mingliang CTO

    Former RD director of Thunder, Senior Technical Expert, P2P System Architect

  • Chen Xiaoliang

    Chen Xiaoliang

    COO of Loopring

  • Gan Nannan

    Gan Nannan

    Former Technical VP of Thunder Kankan


  • Loopering


  • zhizi fund

    zhizi fund

  • HandSome Foundation

    HandSome Foundation

  • Byte Capital

    Byte Capital

  • GBC Foundation

    GBC Foundation

  • GINKGO Foundation

    GINKGO Foundation